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world’s only Offline deals, discounts & offers (ddo) platform


  1. 1.      Why should I Advertise on Privileges.In?

Privileges.In is the newest platform specially deign for local national brands to directly relate with online platform where any retailer or service provider can create offline deals, discounts & offers (DDO), publish his/her own banner with tag lines like big brands with maximum online reach and highest credibility. We are the strongest partner to take your products in reach of local national customer all over India with subscription plan. Your DDO usually comes to know after it’s over to customers. But with us your product/service can reach exactly where it should be.

  • Create Subscriber base all over India, means- subscriber are here to  (Find The Best Deals in Town)

  • India only platform where local national retailers can upload running/upcoming offline deals/Discount, Offer

  • Free Of Cost – You thing you have perfect deal- show to the city

  • Reference created by Subscriber to chase up best deals in town

  • Creating community of profit sharing with features like  upload/share/like/comment  

  • Content- DDO shown for 30days maximum on website, which suits India retail market setup

  • Like, Comment & Social share options for subscribers, which boost local advertisement faster than any other  Platform

  • Preferable place to find what happen in your current location

  • Pin code search panel which re-defined search area very fast

And much more ………………


  1. 2.      Who can advertise on Privileges.In?

Anyone advertise new and genuine products/services at us. In order to start Advertising, you need to have the following:

  • We publish only Deals, Discounts & Offers (DDO) other advertisement will not entertain or deleted if uploaded.

  • Minimum of 01or maximum 05 unique products/services DDO can upload Free of cost after registration.

  • Each DDO have fixed time duration maximum 30days & minimum 5days

  • DDO can be publish 30days earlier from the date of DDO begins.

  • All DDO are directly connected with buyer, all information is available for all who access website


Published DDO - offer price should be less than current market price

Example- Market price – 100Rs/unit, special offer price – 80Rs /unit

If stock for that product is for limited period, that should be in mentioned in tag line

Example- Fine 20% Discount on purchase of minimum 1500Rs, till stock available


  1. 3.      How do I Advertise on Privileges.In?

To Advertise on Privileges.In:

  1.  Fill registration form
  2. Log on to Privileges.in/upload/add
  3. Point your State/City/Pin code/Brand/Shop/Store name and landmark with Tag line.
  4. Fill all required information about your (Deals, Discount & offers) DDO
  5. Listing your products under specific product categories.
  6. Select Discount bar showing % of discount
  7. Upload 3 clear pictures 1. From outside of shop, 2. From inside, 3. With shopkeeper
  8. Once DDO upload, information directly viewable for all subscriber and user’s over page under specified category


  1. Can I offer both products and services on Privileges.In?

Currently, you can Advertiser Deals, Discounts & Offers (DDO) relate to products/services on Privileges.In.

  1. 5.      Do I need to courier my products to Privileges.In?

No, Privileges.In is information provider to all subscriber and user of website. Customer can directly approach to retailer/ service provider to avail offers. If you have courier service, than you can put this information as an option for users.

  1. 6.      What are the documents required to register as advertiser on Privileges.In?

You are required to have the following documents:

  • There Is E-mail verification process to upload any DDO, once E-mail verification has done, can upload DDO

  • Once Deals, Discounts & Offers (DDO) uploaded a random verification call or visit made by Privileges.In team

  • No other documents are required to advertise

  1. 7.      Who decides the price of the products?

As an advertiser, you will set the price of your products, we only prefer to publish minimum price offered in local market.


  1. 8.      Will I get charged for listing DDO on Privileges.In?

No, Listing of DDO on Privileges.In.com is absolutely free up to five (5) DDO’s. Privileges.In does not charge anything for listing your catalogue online.


  1. 9.      When can I start Advertising?

You can start listing your products/services DDO and start advertising instantly by register E-mail Id.

Can start Uploading DDO from 25th of Nov 2016 with limited features

Full Functioning available from 1st of Dec 2016


  1. 10.    How many DDO are required to start Advertising?

You are required to have a maximum 05 & minimum 01 (Deals, Discounts & Offers - DDO) (unique products/service with discounted rate) to start Advertising on Privileges.In              It’s Free of Cost

Description about DDO (Deal Discount & Offer)

During uploading any DDO Each Advertiser should click on option that is Deal or Discount or Offer

The form will highlight options according to the selection made by advertiser.


Deal –is end deal discount, offer should be in cash or in % made on total purchase described amount that is for product or Service

Example -

  1. Get 100Rs off on total bill of 1000Rs at Us (Limited offer)

  2. Find 10% discount on total purchase of 2000Rs


    Discount – is product Based discount Maximum Market price should mentioned and discounted price is also to be declared by advertiser.


      1. Market Price (MP)-1599Rs  Our Price (OP) – 1299             Discount 18.76%

        Discount calculation should be auto generated on the bases of MP and OP                 


        OfferIs Service based any service provider can upload his offer


  1. Avail 100Rs off on car service at us.

  2. Bring Happiness find 10% off on Food court